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The Lecomte-Blaise philosophy

Lecomte-Blaise has been crafting exquisite spirits and liquors according to traditional artisan methods since 1820. Taste a Lecomte-Blaise speciality and savour a moment of true pleasure !

Each season, we select fruits harvested from the finest soils, drawing on our intimate knowledge of orchard fruits and forests, to replicate the very best that nature has to offer in our spirits and liquors.

Our ‘eaux de vie’ (or fruit brandies) are double-distilled according to a traditional method, then patiently left to age in demijohns stored under the beams in our attics. 

Lecomte-Blaise has its home in Lorraine, nestled deep in the Vosges mountains, not far from the ski resorts of Gérardmer and La Bresse.

Our speciality spirits are one of the flagship products of the Vosges massif. We offer a warm welcome to almost 25,000 visitors a year, so why not make the most of your trip to the Vosges with a visiter Lecomte-Blaise !

since 1820 Nol Vagney Le Syndicat Vosges North-East France


The story of Lecomte-Blaise begins in 1820.

since 1820 history story of Lecomte-Blaise

Jean-Nicolas Humbert, a farmer in Thiéfosse, also turned his hand to distilling. His business grew gradually over the years and was handed down through the generations. In 1921, Mr André Lecomte (a descendant of Humbert) married Miss Paule Blaise (the daughter of a rival wine merchant) and their names were joined together to form the Lecomte-Blaise family business.

In 2001, the Miscault family took over the company and they continue to respect the variety and quality that has made the reputation of Maison Lecomte-Blaise. Lecomte-Blaise remains very much a family business today.

Most of the production takes place around 30 km away at the Paul Devoille distillery in Fougerolles, applying know-how recognised by the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant or living heritage) label. Our extraordinary specialities are the fruit of age-old savoir-faire combined with a constant concern for excellence. In return, we have received a long list of awards.

Depending on orders and customers’ expectations, some products are made in our historic premises in Nol.


In our shop, our online store and all over the Vosges

You are more than welcome to browse our product selection in our shop, open all year round. Stop by for a visit !

Our shop offers a wide selection of flavours and gift ideas: special packs, hampers, and specially designed bottles. Treat yourself or spoil someone special !

And of course, you can order our specialities from our online store. We deliver all over France, so get in touch ! Lecomte-Blaise products are also available from an array of stores, delicatessens and wine merchants across the region and in many Vosges restaurants.

Perhaps you’ve already spotted our van out on the road ?

Our products are found in stores (off licences, delicatessens, etc.) all over France. We also export to neighbouring countries (Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany).


10 rue de la distillerie 88120 NOL

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    Export : +33 (0) 3 89 47 28 14
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